Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any dangers? 

No, there are only positive benefits. One word of caution though, some of the music titles have a meditative or trance-like quality and may therefore cause drowsiness. It is recommended that you do not listen to this music while operating a motor vehicle or using machinery. 

Do I need to keep my attention focused on the music?

No. in fact you don’t have to pay attention to the music at all. The Superquantum energies are effective even if you're busy doing something else.
Can I play these when I'm sleeping?

Yes, they are effective even while you are sleeping. There are a few titles with energies that integrate better when the body is active, but even with those you will receive some benefits while sleeping.

How loud does it need to be?

As loud as you want, or as soft as you want. As long as you can barely hear it in the background, it means that you are in the energy fields and you will receive the benefits.

Will it affect other people in my environment?

Yes, if they are close enough, but that's the good news. They'll also get the benefits. If it happens that the particular CD you are playing addresses an issue that the other listeners do not have, the energies simply pass through them and have no affect.

Should I use headphones or speakers?

It is okay to use headphones, however some of the benefits would be missed. It’s better to use speakers so that the physical body and the auric field around the body are also exposed to the Superquantum energies. Some people really like headphones, because of that sense of being all-encompassed in the sound; and some people like them because they isolate you from the distractions of the outside world. If you really want the isolation provided by headphones, you can try using speakers and headphones at the same time. You still get benefits when only using headphones; but there are more benefits with speakers.

Do I need special speakers?

No, standard home audio equipment is fine, including portable boom boxes. If you have a choice, larger speakers are usually better than tiny ones, but the music does not have to be very loud. It can be in the background and still be effective.

Can I copy it to my hard drive and play it from my computer?

Copying any Superquantum CD to any other medium causes a distortion in the healing energy fields and alters it's effectiveness. They are not like regular commercial CDs. Special equipment is used to properly stabilize the Superquantum energies when the original CDs are made.

Can I use these CDs for background music when I'm working with clients?

Yes, in fact some of the titles were intentionally developed for that purpose. Many therapists have all of the Superquantum CDs and pick the most appropriate one for their client at the time of treatment.

How often should I use a particular CD? 

Continuous replay of the same CD is NOT recommended, as there is no real benefit. This is because the physical body requires some processing time to properly integrate the vibrational information. Usually there is little advantage to playing a particular Superquantum ToneTM CD more than once or twice within a 4 to 6 hour period. Continuous replay is not harmful, but it could eventually become irritating. If you enjoy the sensation of Superquantum music and want to listen to it a lot, it’s better to rotate between different titles.

How long does it take to get results?

You will get a certain amount of consciousness shift the very first time you use it. And every use after that will contribute to your changes. It's usually subtle in the beginning and continues to build into a noticeable momentum. The results you're looking for and the time it takes to integrate those changes into physical reality, depends on how deep your issues are, how long you've had them, the overall complexity, self-sabotage issues and several other factors. The bottom line is that you will receive some kind of a positive benefit no matter what. And continuing to use Superquantum CDs, especially a variety of them, will open up your field of possibilities to have new opportunities in life.

What if I listen to a CD that works on a problem I don't have, does it still affect me?

No, if there is nothing negative holding you back, the Superquantum energies simply pass through you and do nothing. But let's face it, if you're truly out in the world interacting with life, there's always the chance of something getting out of balance. So sometimes it's just a good tune-up.

Is this similar to Hemisync?

No, it's very different. Hemisync is a brainwave entrainment technology based on frequencies in the electromagnetic domain. The Superquantum CDs use a hyper-dimensional technology based on consciousness transference in the tachyon domain.

Is this Subliminal? 

No, subliminal recordings are similar to hypnosis. The Superquantum technology uses a different process and it doesn't try to counteract negativity by overriding it. Yes it's true that the Superquantum CDs offer consciousness re-patterning without the use of drugs or hypnosis, but the technology happens to be an excellent support tool for hypnotherapists. Many professionals use them to augment their work, and generally find enhanced results.

What are the unusual noises I sometimes hear?

You may hear occasional clicks, ringing, swishes, hums, rumbles, clanking and other unusual sounds. Nothing is wrong with your CD. What you are hearing is the audible component of some of the Superquantum aggregate energies. These sounds are a necessary part of the healing experience.

What is Interactive DreamtimeTM?

There are 3 CDs that all have the word "crystal" in their title (Inside the Crystal, Crystal Dreams and Crystal Heart). They are used by many therapists for background music, because they get improved results when working with their clients. However another use for these 3 CDs has to do with accelerated self-realization when you meditate. They feature Interactive DreamtimeTM, which is accomplished by closing your eyes and focusing on the music. It is a state similar to lucid dreaming, where you are awake and dreaming simultaneously. Except in this case, the music takes you on a mystical journey as your consciousness dynamically interacts with the crystal consciousness of the Superquantum TonesTM beyond time. It's also good for developing a more holographic awareness.

One time the music felt irritating; why is that? 

The Superquantum ToneTM technology has a push/pull effect for many people; meaning they are both attracted to it and repelled from it - sometimes they like it and sometimes they don’t. This is because people WANT change in order to have an improved quality of life, but yet change can sometimes be uncomfortable. There is a normal tendency to hold on to old patterns, because you know what to expect and therefore it feels safer. Since Superquantum TonesTM reconfigure the limiting beliefs and thought patterns that hold a person in an old reality, this music will energetically lead the listener into NEW territories that are unfamiliar. Normally however, after some of the changes have occurred, a state of euphoria will often follow and it becomes quite comfortable.

What is the Auric Field?

The “aura” is a vibrational field of light that surrounds the physical body. It interrelates with both the emotional and spiritual subtle energy bodies. It also grounds you into this space/time continuum and facilitates communication with higher aspects of yourself. One of the benefits of Superquantum music is that it can make positive adjustments in the auric field.