Music Made With Crystals


A New Healing Technology To Open the Mind, Heal the Spirit and Regenerate the Body 


Source: Nature's Wisdom Magazine..


Hyper-dimensional physics, quantum mechanics and psychoenergetics are my three favorite sciences, because I have been able to use them to discover ways to advance my own spiritual growth. Most people know me as a musician and producer, but for the last 35 years I have also been an independent research scientist and a spiritual seeker.

In the early 90’s my varied interests led me to the discovery of Superquantum Tones™ (SQTs), a healing technology that uses sound waves as a carrier of superluminary information derived from crystals. This was synchronicity at its finest, because it joined my fascinations with music, healing and energy sciences. At that point I found myself researching and developing Superquantum Tones™ and blending them with musical instruments and/or nature sounds to create a vibrational medicine in the form of music.

SQTs intrinsically re-pattern the consciousness of the listener, in order to have a richer, happier and more fulfilling life. In my experience, it seems that the majority of human problems are manifestations of limited belief patterns; and/or fixated thought-form energies that get trapped at different places. So it’s a basic metaphysical principle; if you change your consciousness your reality will also change.

Superquantum Tones™ technology is not about frequencies however, it is about consciousness and tachyon field energetics. SQTs are active and dynamic. They can create deep states of relaxation, but certainly not by pacifying the listener. Nor do they hold an entrainment pattern or a template. They actually break templates and create new ones, again and again, in a continual up leveling of consciousness, which thereby initiates positive change on all levels.

The types of changes that Superquantum Tones™ can support are quite varied. They can work on life issue concerns such as relationship problems, prosperity, career alignment, sports performance, loneliness, disappointment, artistic creativity, et cetera; or the expansion of ones awareness such as learning to meditate, connecting with dolphins, communicating with your soul, pet bonding, astral travel, et cetera; or physical conditions such as insomnia, learning disorders, weight loss, stress, anxiety, addictions and even degenerative diseases.

I’m not a medical doctor and I certainly do not suggest that this technology can cure anything. But what it can do is cause the listener to have Quantum Sensory Experiences™, which cause the memory pathways between the body’s cells, as well as the consciousness within the cells, to awaken to specific emotional, spiritual or physical functions; and the body consequently starts to heal itself and/or produce healthier, more expansive thoughts and attitudes. You can call it a placebo if you like; but the bottom line is that it’s all about shifting consciousness.

Superquantum Tones™ are packets of energy containing very specific vibrational information. They are developed under laboratory conditions, where proprietary processes collect and store aggregate vibrations from resonating crystals (quartz, tourmaline, selenite, obsidian, etc.) and other energetic devices. Hundreds of compilations are generated, logged as data and calibrated into tones. This is followed with months of extensive research, including an Akashik Record analysis and precise case study testing.

At first glance the lab looks somewhat like a scene from a sci-fi movie. There are elaborate suspension systems, energy modulation equipment, resonance excitation systems and an extensive assortment of custom designed electromagnetic, scalar wave, tachyon vortex, light, color and biorhythmic devices.

It turns out that crystals hold a consciousness that is quite different from the other materials in the mineral kingdom. Crystals can be taught or trained with reverence, and many people program crystals with intent. What I do is work with the innate intelligence that is held within them instead. Crystals typically show up on a planet about 100,000 years before a major shift is to occur. If there is no need for consciousness shift, there are no crystals. And as many people know, we are currently in a period of making a huge consciousness shift towards awakening into self-realization. Crystals usually form in order to encapsulate a consciousness. It’s kind of like a housing for a consciousness that will be used in the future. It may be waiting to be birthed a thousand, 10 thousand or a million years from now. So crystals will not usually generate on a planet until the local consciousness is ready to evolve. Usually people work with crystals according to their general mineral make-up. For example, rose quartz has certain healing properties that are different from lapis healing properties.

I believe that consciousness is everything and that the majority of disease and life issue distress is a synchronistic manifestation of negative thought-form energy. Thought is a creative energy and the quality of the thought patterns held in ones consciousness, negative or positive, have a direct corresponding effect on ones reality. I further believe that congested energy leads to negative thought and expansive energy leads to positive thought. Therefore the inertia of an energy pattern, negative or positive, tends to attract more of itself, and set up a spiraling condition that will either lead toward degeneration or regeneration within that person.

Also the characteristics of one's thoughts, beliefs and attitudes directly affect the quality of information that is transferred from cell to cell in the physical body. What this technology does is speak directly to the subconscious, the crystalline structures within the cells, the communication system between the cells and the energy that is held in the auric field around the body.

The healing properties of SQTs affect a sub-cellular mechanism in the body known as the light-link matrix. The light-link matrix is an energy field that exists between and around the cells and all around the organs. It consists of a geometric configuration of light waves that facilitate the distribution of chi between the cells in the body, thereby maintaining a quality of life-force energy. The flow of this energy can either be enabled or disabled by the characteristics of thought patterns. This is also a place where negative thought energy often gets trapped.

Some Superquantum Tones™ are used to up-level limiting belief patterns beyond time. Others are used to accelerate, stabilize, anchor or regenerate. Still others help to integrate the changes into physical reality and set up the conditions for a permanent consciousness shift. This is beneficial because a new inner resonance and expanded consciousness will improve your ability to be, do and have that which you prefer in your life. Now in its 14th year, the research and development division of Diamond Crystal Music explores vibrational information systems, transience principles and practical applications, such as complimentary medicine and personal growth.