Shad Diamond - The Inventor
Shad Diamond - The Inventor

General Information


Superquantum Tones is a development of Shad Diamond, a music composer and scientist, who has developed through research many unique techniques and tools to 'extract' the different frequencies of Earth's many Crystals. During a special process Shad merges those Superquantum Tones and his own unique sounds and thus creates the most affective and therapeutic music known. Shad has been in this area of researching, exploring and developing for the last 14 years and has composed already 18 different tracks. The effectiveness of each of his CD's on mind, body and soul is of such quality, that his development of the Superquantum Tones  and music can only be God given! 


This is more than music, this CD is beyond music. At first I didn't know what I was going to say when reviewing this Music. I didn't even know how to describe it.. What Shad Diamond has created is a new sound dimension that allows the listener to enter and experience a multitude of dimensions in sound. When I first put the CD on I was moving about my office cleaning up files and other paper work. After about ten minutes, I had an incredible urge to stop whatever I was doing and go to the sound system and sit quietly in front of my speakers. 

What I was feeling can only be described as "a pull into another dimension." This music is produced with the actual sounds of resonating crystals, and represents a major portion of every sonority you hear. Each tone is individually analyzed to determine its usefulness in terms of psychoenergetics. Each time I listened to this CD, I experienced different hidden emotions. The first listening gave me deep chills, the second listening brought me through what I imagined was a journey through my mind. In this journey, I released many negative feelings of fear, greed, jealousy and a permanence to the physical world. At the final reprise of the CD I had an openness to all my emotions, and was left with a feeling of deep cleansing that can only be compared to telling your deepest secrets to someone. 


To speak of Shad Diamond's music in purely musical terms would be limiting, however to truly appreciate the ambiance of his work an open mind as well as an open ear must be used. This is some of the most convincing music of the electronic composition medium to come along.

--reviewed by Anthony Scafide, composer/musician NYC


Superquantum TonesTM are very explicit packets of vibrational information that reconfigure the negative energies and limited thought patterns that are held in place by your consciousness. Technically they are consciousness accelerators. The technology uses sound waves as a carrier of superluminary information derived from certain types of resonating crystals. Developed under proprietary laboratory conditions, the healing energies are Akashik-calibrated, and then blended with musical instruments and nature sounds to create a vibrational medicine in the form of music.

Life issues and health concerns are addressed through a series of Quantum Sensory ExperiencesTM, which create new understandings at a sub-cellular level in the body and alter the responses that are normally triggered by old belief patterns. The body reacts accordingly and accelerates the natural self-healing processes. 

Every single experience you have in life leaves you with a belief and an attitude. Eventually these build into belief systems that hold both negative and positive understandings about your exsistance. This technology has the unique ability to shift your limited beliefs by accelerating the positive complimentary consciousness that is behind the trapped negative energies, and then allow the new patterns to integrate into the physical body. 

The effect is very similar to when a person in love walks into a room of people, and suddenly everyone is affected by that happy radiance. Or when you hear an old song on the radio that takes you back to a beautiful time in your life and you immediately feel better. The difference however is that Superquantum TonesTM are not passive. They are active and dynamic, and they produce a continuous up-leveling of positive change. Very specific emotional, physical and spiritual functions are snapped into new experiential places, so that the old limited beliefs will no longer produce the negative patterns that have been sabotaging your quality of life.